Beer Board

The Beer Board was established by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to regulate the selling, storing for sale, distributing for sale and the manufacturing of beer within the Town of Louisville. The actions of the Beer Board shall be in accordance with Ordinance 2014-05. The Beer board, per Ordinance 1001-8, consists of three members: the Mayor (or the Mayor’s designee) and two citizens appointed by a majority vote of the BMA. The Beer Board currently consists of four citizens, one alderman and the Mayor, all of whom were serving prior to approval of Ordinance 2014-05. Current members of the Beer Board shall continue to serve until their terms expire. They are eligible for reappointment to the Beer Board by the Mayor so long as the number of members of the Beer Board at the time of the appointment does not exceed the number authorized by Ordinance 1991-7.

Current Beer Board Members, Regulations and Permit Application

The current members of the Beer Board and their term expiration year are as follows:

Mayor Tom Bickers (Mayor)
Alderman Bob Gormley
Vince Neeley
Brad Smith
Kay Swicegood
Bill Marcus